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How To Write Your First Blog Post

So, you’ve created a blog and decided on a niche. Now, what? Today, let’s go into detail on how to write your first blog post.

I want to help you to outline all of the details that go into writing your first blog post. Let’s get started. First, we want to address “user intent.”

What exactly is “user intent”? It is the intention of a user’s search. It can best be explained like this: If I go to Google (or any search bar) and type in “how to fix my apple watch,” Google will do it’s best to provide me a list of websites that address my query.

As you begin blogging, it is important that you always write to answer the topic that you decide to write about. In short, you want to answer your reader’s problems. You will want to answer it as thoroughly and completely as you can. You do not want to write from an angle that gratifies you, but instead you want to solve your reader’s problems and well as you know how. Many writers like to create an outline before writing.

One way we will write to benefit the reader is to use focus keyphrases. These are phrases that are frequently typed into search bars. You can do some keyword research and try to determine the best phrases that you would expect your readers to look for.

Next, we want to use those keyphrases frequently and naturally throughout your blog post. You can use a plugin to help with this. Yoast SEO is what I use. They have a free version that works well.

Now, SEO is much more complicated than this, so you would benefit from investing in some SEO courses as you begin blogging.

With your Yoast plugin, you will want to type your focus keyphrase in the block Yoast provides. Then, Yoast will give you suggestions to improve your blog post. They will tell you where to use your keyphrase and how many times it should appear within your blog post.

As a general rule, you will use it in your headings, title, and Google preview/meta description. You will also want to place that keyphrase in the beginning of your blog post title.

As you write, you will also want to use related keyphrases throughout your blog post. For example, if I were to write about gardening, some words you would expect to see within the body of my post would be: soil, garden tools, water, flowers, plants, etc. Google looks to see that these similar words are within the body of your text, so that the reader can be provided the most relevant choices when a user types a query in the search bar.

Another important part of writing your first blog post is providing some internal links. Internal links are links to other posts on your website/your own content. You want to retain your readers on your blog for as long as possible.

One way to do so is by providing internal links to your related blog posts. If you have written a few posts within one specific category, let your reader know by telling them where to click to find your other relevant posts.

So, we’ve covered internal links. Now, let’s look at providing your reader with some external links. External links are links to other posts that are NOT on your website/links to other writer’s posts. You must always give credit to the other writer/website. Do not attempt to copy and use someone else’s content without crediting them for it.

So far we’ve covered writing thoroughly for your reader, using SEO keyphrases, linking to your own content, and linking to external content. Now, you will want to grab some images to use within your blog post to keep it interesting. I use Canva for my images. They have a free version you can use. I have a detailed blog post on how to use Canva here.

I hope you have found this post helpful and I hope I have answered how to write your first blog post. Let me know in the comments below.

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