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What To Do With Your Blog in the First 30 Days

If you are brand new to blogging, you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. I remember what that was like when I started my first blog, deemiddleton.com. I want to help you create an action plan I’m calling: What To Do With Your Blog in the First 30 Days.

Why 30 days? Well, first of all, there is plenty to do! Secondly, I believe you need to create a level of consistency that you can continue to maintain. I’m going to give you a checklist to help you get started with your new blog.

In this checklist, we’ll cover the basics of a new wordpress.org blog so you’ll know what to do with your blog in the first 30 days to create a good foundation. Also, I started a blogging binder to keep up with all of my passwords and ideas when I first started blogging. You may want to to do the same.

What To Do With Your Blog in the First 30 Days

  1. Research and decide on a niche topic and domain name (your domain name is the name of your website) (If you need to sign up for a new blog, try a Bigscoots managed wordpress.org plan for the best options and the most attentive customer service. I personally use Bigscoots and love them!) You can read a detailed post I have here on how to get started with a new blog.
  2. Get a staging site (a site that isn’t live yet) so you can start writing your content and setting up your pages (Bigscoots will provide you a wordpress staging site. You just tell them when you’re ready to go live.)
  3. Decide on a blog theme and activate it. Make sure your theme is mobile friendly.
  4. Sign up for Google Analytics. I have a detailed blog post to help you do that here.
  5. Sign up for Google Search Console
  6. Get a Pinterest business account
  7. Set up your Pinterest business account and claim your site through Pinterest. Read my blog post here for Pinterest tips.
  8. Enable Rich Pins on Pinterest and start growing your Pinterest following. I tell you how to do both of these here.
  9. Start setting up your Pinterest account and creating boards for your niche topic. You can read some specifics in my blog post here.
  10. Add Yoast SEO plug-in to your blog and activate it. You will use this plugin to “tell Google” what your blog post is about by using focus keyphrases. Start focusing on SEO early! I can’t stress this enough. It takes a good six months or so to start generating Google traffic. Pinterest is fickle and cannot be your only source of traffic. Again, use Pinterest but Focus on SEO.
  11. Start researching and brainstorming your blog content ideas
  12. Sign up for a professional email for your blog. I show you how to do that here.
  13. Signup for a email service provider for your subscribers. (I use Mailerlite to email my subscribers and they require a professional email to prevent spam.)
  14. Add your new email address to your blog by creating a “contact us” page
  15. Decide on how you want to monetize your blog (ads, affiliate links, email marketing, etc) I have a blog post here explaining affiliate marketing.
  16. If you choose to monetize with ads, you can sign up for Google Adsense. I recommend everyone do this at the beginning and then upgrade to a better ad service when you qualify and have enough pageviews to apply. I use Mediavine on my first blog (deemiddleton.com) I used Adsense at the start. You can find out how to apply here.
  17. Create an awesome freebie that will make people want to subscribe (this can be a one-page digital download).Make it something your audience will find useful.
  18. Decide how you will deliver your awesome freebie. It can be as simple as an email link. I personally use Shopify to do this.
  19. Decide on where you will get your images for you blog (I use Canva.) You can read my Canva tutorial here.
  20. Study Pinterest pins that you like and start brainstorming ideas for your own Pinterest pins.
  21. Create 3 new Pinterest pins a day and start keywording and pinning them to your relevant boards. You can use Canva to make these pins. Read my tutorial here.
  22. Create a schedule for yourself and decide when you will write new content and when you will make new Pins for Pinterest to promote your content.
  23. Aim to write at least one blog post a week. Look at your competitors blog posts and write your own original content to answer the readers questions as well as and as throughly as you can. I have a helpful post you can read here on planning your content strategy. Write for your reader- not yourself.
  24. Review your Pinterest analytics and your Google analytics at least once a month. This will not be very accurate until about 30 days have passed, so give it time to populate your data.
  25. Start adjusting your pinning strategy to pin mostly to your best performing boards.
  26. Review your Google Search Console data to see what keywords your blog is ranking for.
  27. Write more content around the keywords that are bringing you traffic.
  28. Comment on other blog posts within your niche.
  29. Collaborate with other bloggers, either in forums, Pinterest Group boards, Facebook groups, etc. This is a great place to learn and ask questions.
  30. Stay consistent with your blog! Set up hours and a schedule that you can maintain. You won’t achieve success if you do not make your blog a daily priority. I personally work on my blogs Monday-Friday and simply pin a few pins over the weekend. Then, be patient. A good timeframe is about 9 months for new blogs to start gaining momentum and seeing a good traffic increase, assuming you’ve been consistent.

So that’s it. That should give you a good running start on What To Do With Your Blog in the First 30 Days. Leave a comment below if I can answer any questions.

(Disclosure:This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through my link I’ll be compensated at no additional cost to you.)

I hope you have found this information useful. I will be sharing more about my Pinterest strategies that get me the most website traffic in this Blogging for Beginners Series, so stay tuned. Check out my previous post here to get more social media strategies. Subscribe below for updates.If you need to sign up for a new blog, try bluehost for the cheapest options.)

Bloggers, stay tuned, as I’ll do my best to send more helpful information like this your way!

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